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Welcome to Kick Off Programmes website! We hope you will find something for your collection

Kick Off Programmes have been supplying football programme collectors for over 25 years. Originally working from Leeds United premises on Elland Road, Leeds, we then moved into the "cabin" behind the KOP at Elland Road, where we were nicknamed the K.O.P. Shop (clever eh!) redevelopment of the ground forced us to move out a few years ago. 

We now operate from premises in Beeston about a mile from Leeds Uniteds ground, but on Leeds United matchdays we operate from the car park of The Old Peacock public house, on Elland Road (opposite the South Stand) 

Kick Off Programmes would like to inform our customers that our mail order and ebay business is still in operation during these difficult times.  Whilst many of us are confined to domestic isolation perhaps it may be a useful time to check those gaps in your collection.
Those of you who have Leeds subscriptions with us that are collected at the trailer on matchdays have the opportunity to bring your collection up to date.  If you would like this service please contact us by email so we can give you the cost including postage.
All subscriptions will remain live and include all programmes issued when the fixtures are started again, no one will miss out.  This is always assuming programmes are issued as if games are played behind closed doors there may be nothing.
Thank you for your continued custom and stay safe and well.


We have our trailer located in the car park of "The Old Peacock"

pub on Elland Road (opposite the South Stand)

from about 3 hours before the game

We'd love to see you there, if you want us to bring anything in particular just drop us a line, we'll see what we can do! We look forward to seeing you!

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