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General Rugby League Programmes
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Updated    18/4/2024

General League Prices up to 59/60 as marked, 1960/61 – 1964/65 £1.50, 1965/66 - 95/6 £1, 1996- 2000 £1.50, 2001- 2005 £2, 2006 on £2.50  unless otherwise stated


Abbreviations – CC = Challenge Cup, cr = creased, Flt = Floodlit Trophy, JPT = John Player Trophy, LC = Lancashire Cup, p/o play off, rs = rusty staple,  soc = score on cover, t/c = team changes, YC = Yorkshire Cup,


Acorn  93/4 Orrell St. James (CC)  


Barrow 64/5 Wigan (fld) 50p, 65/6  Wigan 50p, 66/7 Wigan 67/8 Wigan (t/c) 50p, 68/9 Salford, Wigan (score inside) 50p, 70/71 Wigan (t/c) 50p, 71/2 Wigan (BBC 2), 76/77 Wigan, 78/79 Wigan, 79/80 Featherstone (cr) 50p, Hull KR, 81/82 Wigan, 82/3 Wigan, 84/5 Wigan, 86/7 Wigan, 87/8 Springfield Borough £2, 83/4 Whitehaven (Lancs Cup) 87/8 Wigan (Lancs Cup), 88/9 Wigan (Lancs Cup), 89/90 Wigan, 91/2 Keighley (CC), 94/5 Keighley,


Batley 56/7 Wakefield £3,  edxd 58/9 Bramley (sof & written inside) £1.50, 60/1 Featherstone (wof) 50p, 63/4 Dewsbury (YC) £1.50,  64/5 Bradford  (t/c) 50p, Hunslet (wof & inside) 50p, 65/6 Bradford (cr) 50p, Halifax (Yorks Cup), 68/9 Blackpool, Bradford (cr) 50p, 69/70 Salford (t/c) 50p, 71/2 Hull KR, Wigan,72/3 Bramley (t/c) 50p, 73/4 Blackpool (t/c) 50p, Huyton £1, 74/5 Blackpool t/c 50p, Dewsbury £1, 75/6  Bramley (t/c) 50p, Leigh (t/c) 50p, Rochdale (scores inside) 50p, ,Whitehaven (No 6 trophy) (t/c) 50p, 76/7 Bramley (t/c) 50p Halifax,77/8 Leigh, 78/9 Halifax (YC), 79/80 Dewsbury (score inside) 50p, Featherstone (cr) 50p, 80/1 Blackpool, Hunslet (cr) 50p, Rochdale, 81/2 Featherstone (JPT), Rochdale 89/90 Runcorn Highfield, 92/3 Keighley, 93/4 Keighley (CC), 94/5 Wigan (CC) 95/6 Keighley.    


Blackpool Borough  63/4 Oldham (tiny piece missing from cover) 66/7 St.Helens (score inside), Widnes  Wigan (cr), 67/8 Wigan, 68/9 Whitehaven (cr) 50p, 68/9 Wigan (cr) 50p, 69/70 Bramley £1, Wigan (scores inside) 50p, 71/2  Bradford (score inside) 50p, Bramley (score inside) 50p,72/3 Wigan, 74/5 Leigh £1, New Hunslet (score inside) 50p, 75/6 Bramley (score inside) 50p 79/80  Bradford (CC),Wigan, 80/81 New Hunslet, Wigan, 82/3  Oldham (Lancs cup).      


Bradford  48/9 St. Helens (RLCC) (very light fold) £7, 56/57 Hunslet £3.50 , 57/58 Workigton (light crease) £4 58/59 Hull (lt fold, t/c in pencil) £3, 59/60 Hull (YC) £3, 64/5 Hunslet (rust marks inside) £1, 65/6 Hull KR (cr)(YC) 50p, Whitehaven, Wigan (CC), 66/7 Bramley (cr) 50p, Castleford (score inside) 50p, Dewsbury, Halifax (t/c) 50p, Huddersfield (written inside) 50p, Hull KR, Hunslet (score inside) 50p, Leeds (cr) 50p. Wakefield, Warrington(p/o), Workington, York (sc inside) 50p, 67/8 Batley (written inside) 50p, Bramley, Castleford, Dewsbury, Dewsbury (YC) (cr )50p, Featherstone, Halifax, Hull, Hull KR, Hunslet, Keighley, Leeds, Leigh (cr) 50p, Oldham (score inside) 50p, Oldham (CC), Wakefield, Wigan (p/o), York (Dec.9th) 68/9 Batley, Batley (YC), Bramley, Dewsbury (score inside) 50p, Halifax (score inside) 50p, Hull (t/c) 50p, Hull KR, Hunslet, Keighley, Salford, Wakefield, Wakefield (CC), Warrington, Wigan, York,  69/70 Barrow (written inside) 50p, Batley, Castleford (t/c) 50p, Dewsbury, Halifax (t/c) 50p, Oldham, Wakefield, York (t/c)(incl s/s insert for Sunday game) 50p, 70/1 Hull (t/c) 50p, Hull KR (t/c) 50p, Keighley (t/c) 50p, Leeds (t/c) 50p, St.Helens (t/c) 50p, Salford (t/c) 50p, Swinton, (scores inside) 50p,  Warrington (t/c) 50p, Whitehaven (t/c) 50p, Widnes (score inside) 50p, Wigan (written inside) 50p, York, 71/2 Featherstone (written inside) 50p, Halifax, Huyton, Keighley(CC) (score inside) 50p, Oldham, Rochdale (No.6) (score inside) 50p, Whitehaven (score inside) 50p, 72/3 Batley (t/c) 50p, Featherstone (t/c) 50p, Hull KR (CC) (t/c) 50p, Rochdale (No.6), St. Helens (t/c) 50p, Salford (t/c) 50p, Whitehaven (CC), Wigan, Wigan (CC) (cr) 50p, York (No.6)(t/c) 50p, 73/4 Barrow £1, Blackpool (p/o) (score on back) 50p, 74/5 Bramley, Leeds (score on back) 50p Leeds (No 6), St. Helens (p/o) Warrington 75/6 Wakefield £1 (copy t/c 50p), Wigan (t/c) 50p, 76/7 Featherstone, Featherstone (CC) (score inside) 50p, Leigh (written inside) 50p, Warrington (sof) 50p, Widnes (written inside) 50p ,77/8 Barrow (CC), Bramley (J.Player), Bramley, Castleford, Featherstone, Featherstone (YC) (cr) 50p, Hull (t/c) 50p, Leeds, Wakefield, Widnes, Workington, 78/9 Featherstone, Hull (CC), Hull KR (YC), Hull KR (CC),Hull KR, Leeds (YC), Wakefield (JPT), Warrington, Wigan (t/c) 50p, 79/80 Hull (CC), Hull KR, Leeds, St.Helens (First Floodlit game) £1, Widnes, 80/1 Castleford, Featherstone (t/c) 50p, Leeds (t/c) 50p, Oldham, Salford, Widnes, Wigan, 81/2  Castleford, Fulham, Hull, Hull KR, Wakefield, Warrington, Widnes (CC) (score on back) 50p, Wigan, Workington (CC), 82/3 Barrow (t/c) 50p, Carlisle, Featherstone, Halifax, Hull, Hull (JPT), Hull (YC), Hull KR, Hull KR (YC), Leigh (t/c) 50p, Oldham, St. Helens, Warrington (t/c) 50p, Widnes, Wigan, Workington, York (t/c) 50p, York (YC) (t/c) 50p, 83/4 Castleford, Featherstone, Hull, Leeds (CC), Leigh, Oldham, Warrington, Whitehaven, Widnes, Wigan (with Mar wraparound), 84/5 Castleford (6 autos) £1, Featherstone, Hull KR, Leeds (YC) (cr) 50p, Oldham, St. Helens, Wigan Wigan (CC), 85/6 Castleford, Dewsbury, Hull, Hull KR, Wakefield (YC), Widnes, Wigan, 86/7  Dewsbury (YC), Featherstone (cr) 50p, Wigan, 87/8 Wigan, 88/9 Dewsbury (JPT), St. Helens, Wigan, Wigan (CC), 89/90 Leeds, Wigan, 90/1 Sheffield, Wigan, 91/2  Castleford, Wigan, 92/3 Wigan, 93/4 Wigan,  94/5  Wigan, 1996 Wigan, 1997  Keighley (Friendly), Wigan, 1998 Wigan, 1999 Castleford, Wigan,  2000 Wigan,  2001 Leeds, Wigan, 2002 Leeds (CC), 2003 Wigan.


Bramley 62/3 Workington (heavy crease) 50p 65/6 Wakefield (cr) 50p, 67/8 Bradford, 68/9 Batley (t/c) 50p, Bradford (t/c) 50p, Huddersfield £1, (copy t/c) 50p, Hull (t/c) 50p, Rochdale (t/c) 50p, York, 69/70 Bradford, Castleford (t/c) 50p, Dewsbury (t/c) 50p, Halifax (t/c) 50p, Hull (t/c) 50p, Keighley (t/c) 50p, Wakefield, Whitehaven (t/c) 50p, 70/1 Batley (t/c) 50p, Bradford (YC) t/c 50p, Castleford (t/c) 50p, Dewsbury (YC) (t/c) 50p, Halifax (t/c) 50p, Hunslet, Huyton, Keighley, Oldham (t/c) 50p, Rochdale (t/c) 50p, Wakefield (t/c) 50p, 71/2 Barrow (t/c) 50p, Blackpool, Bradford (CC) (t/c) 50p, Hunslet (t/c) 50p Swinton (t/c) 50p, Whitehaven (t/c) 50p, Widnes (t/c) 50p, Wigan, 72/3 Bradford (t/c) 50p, Castleford (t/c) 50p, Dewsbury (CC) (t/c) 50p, Dewsbury (YC) (t/c) 50p, Whitehaven (t/c) 50p, 73/4 St. Helens (t/c) 50p, Wigan (t/c) 50p, 74/5 Bradford (t/c) 50p, Leigh (BBC 2), Wigan, 75/6 Barrow (t/c) 50p, Leigh 9t/c) 50p, New Hunslet (t/c) 50p, Wigan, 76/7 Wakefield  (YC) (t/c) 50p, 77/8 Bradford, Widnes, Wigan (t/c) 50p, 78/79 Halifax, Hull, Hull (Y C), New Hunslet, Salford (CC) (cr) 50p, 79/80 Featherstone (cr) 30, Keighley, 80/1 Huddersfield, Wigan, 81/2 Cardiff (First season) £1.50, Rochdale (cr) 50p, Wakefield, Workington  82/3 Blackpool, Whitehaven, York, 83/4 Cardiff  £2, Huddersfield, Wigan (CC), 84/5 Whitehaven,  85/6 Doncaster (YC), Oldham (JPT), 86/7 Hull (CC),93/4 Keighley, 94/5 Keighley, 1998 Lancashire Lynx, Oldham Roughnecks, York Wasps


Cardiff City 81/2 (First season) Bramley £2, Dewsbury £2, Hunslet £2, Salford (first game) £2.50, 82/3 Hunslet £1.50, 83/4 Halifax £2.


Carlisle  81/2 (First season) Batley £2, Huddersfield £2, St. Helens (Lancs Cup) £2, Swinton £2, Wigan (first comp match) Lancs Cup) £2.50, 82/3 Featherstone £1, Wigan £1, 83/4 Halifax, Huddersfield, Keighley (with April insert), Rochdale 93/4 Keighley £1,


Castleford  57/8 Bramley (sof) £1.50, 60/1 Wakefield (wof) £1, 62/3 Featherstone, Wakefield, 63/4 Featherstone (cr) 50p, Wakefield, Wigan, 64/5 Batley, Bramley, Featherstone, Swinton, Wigan, Workington (p/o), 65/6 Bradford (sof) 50p, Hunslet, New Zealand £3, Wigan (t/c) 50p,  66/7 Barrow (BBC), Hull KR (CC) (cr) 50p, 67/8 Bradford, Dewsbury, 68/9 Bradford, Bramley (tc) 50p, Leeds (CC) (t/c) 50p, Wakefield,  69/70 Featherstone, Featherstone (p/o)(cr) 50p, Hull (CC), Salford (CC) £1.50,  Wigan, 70/1 Leeds (YC), Huddersfield , 71/2 Batley (YC), Leeds, Leeds (No. 6), Wigan, 72/3 Bramley (t/c) 50p, Wigan, 74/5 Dewsbury (score inside) 50p, Wigan, York (YC), 75/6 Hull (YC), Wigan (t/c) 50p, 76/7 Featherstone (cr) 50p, Hull KR, Hull KR (CC) (t/c) 50p, Hunslet (score inside) 50p, Wigan (t/c) 50p, 77/8 Bramley, Featherstone, Hunslet, Leeds, Wigan (t/c) 50p, 78/9 Bradford (Jan post), (April), Featherstone, Hull KR, Leeds, Wigan, 79/80 Blackpool, Hunslet, Leeds, Wigan (JPT), 80/1 Bramley (YC), Featherstone, 81/2 Featherstone (YC), Featherstone, Hull (JPT), Wigan, 82/3  Bradford, Wigan, Wigan (JPT), 83/4 Salford, St. Helens, Wigan, 84/5 Wigan, 85/6  St. Helens, Wigan, 86/7 Wigan, 87/8 Wigan, 88/9 Bradford (JPT), Bradford, Wigan, 89/90 Leeds, Sheffield, Wigan (inc Mar insert), 90/91 Leeds, Wigan, Wigan (CC), 91/2 Halifax, Wigan, 92/3 Wigan, 93/4 Oldham, (t/c) 50p, Wigan,  94/5 Wigan, 95/6 London, Wigan, 1996 Wigan, 1997 Wigan, 1998 Wigan, 1999 Bradford, Wigan, 2000 Wigan, 2001 Wigan, 2003 London, Wigan, 2008 Leeds, St.Helens, 2011 Wigan, 2012 Wigan, 2013 Wigan, 2014 Wigan,


Catalan Dragons  2007 v Wigan (newspaper day after the game £1.


Chorley  88/9 Salford (s/s)89/90 Wigan (LC) £1, 2001 Keighley £1.50


Dewsbury 57/8 Bramley (woc, rs) £1.50, 63/4 Oldham £1, 64/5 Wakefield (CC) (scores inside) 50p,(YC) £1,  65/6 Batley £1, Huddersfield (CC Cup) £1, Wakefield (score inside) 50p, 68/69 Bradford N (CC)  69/70 Wigan (CC), 70/1 Bramley (t/c) 50p, Halifax, 71/2 Bramley (written inside) 50p, (CC) (written inside) 50p, Hull KR, Rochdale (pinhole) 50p, 72/3  Wigan, 73/4  Leeds (CC), 74/5 Bramley (t/c) 50p, Featherstone (YC), Leeds, Wales (Test) £1.50, Wigan (scores written in) 50p, 75/6  Featherstone (sl mark) 50p, Hull KR, Oldham, Salford (t/c) 50p, Wigan (t/c) 50p, 76/7 Bramley (t/c) 50p, Keighley (t/c) 50p, 77/8 Bramley, Wakefield £1, Widnes (t/c) 50p, Wigan (cr) 50p, 78/9 Bramley, Hull (t/c) 50p, Huyton, 79/80 Featherstone, 80/1 Batley, Featherstone (JPT) (cr) 50p, Fulham £2, Rochdale, Wigan, 82/3 Barrow (JPT), Wakefield (marked) 50p, 83/4 Barrow, Bramley, Carlisle, Halifax, Workington, York, 84/5 Hull £1, Runcorn Highfield £2, 85/6 Castleford £1.50, Wigan, 86/7 St. Helens (CC), 92/3 Wigan (CC), 1998 Wakefield (inc team sheet), Wigan (CC), 2001 Castleford (CC), 2005 Gateshead Thunder.


Doncaster  68/9 Bradford N 75/6 Barrow, 76/7 Featherstone,  


Dudley Hill 87/8 Pilkington Recs. 90/1 Dewsbury (Regal T), 91/2 Heworth, 92/3 Egremont R, Wigan St. Patricks, 93/4 Leigh Miners,


Eastmoor 93/4 Leigh East (t/c) 50p     


Featherstone  59/60 Workington £1.50, 61/2 Hull KR, 62/3 Halifax, Wigan (sof) £1, 64/5 Bradford, Castleford, 65/6  Doncaster, Swinton (mkd) 50p, Wakefield, 66/7  Huddersfield (cr) 50p, Leigh (cr) 50p, 67/8 Bradford (score inside) 50p, 68/9 Keighley (YC), Wakefield, 69/70 Bramley (score inside) 50p, Hull KR (cr) 50p, Keighley (sof) 50p, St. Helens (sof) 50p, Salford (CC), (sof) 50p, Swinton (play off) (sof) 50p,70/1 Bradford (sof) 50p, Hull (sof) 50p, Hull KR (cr) 50p, Hunslet, Leigh (sof) 50p, St. Helens (sof) 50p, Salford (sof) 50p, Warrington (sof) 50p, Widnes, Wigan, York (YC) (cr) 50p, 71/2 Bramley, Leigh, Oldham, Whitehaven, 72/3 Batley (pinhole) Bramley (t/c) 50p, Hull KR (cr) 50p, Rochdale (CC), Salford (CC), Salford, Whitehaven (P/O), Wigan   (t/c) 50p, 73/4 Bramley, Dewsbury (t/c) 50p, Keighley (Capt Morgan), Leigh, St. Helens, Wakefield (Capt. Morgan) (pinhole) 50p, Wigan (play off), 74/5 Bramley, Halifax, Rochdale, St. Helens (t/c) 50p, Wakefield, Wigan, Wigan (play off), 75/6 Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Hull KR T/c) 50p, Hull KR (play offs),(sof) 50p, Keighley, St. Helens, Wakefield, Wakefield (play offs), (sof) 50p, Warrington, Wigan (sof) 50p, 76/7 Hull KR, Leigh (t/c) 50p, Oldham, Rochdale (mkd) 50p, Whitehaven (No.6) (t/c) 50p, Widnes, Wigan (std) 50p, ,Workington, 77/8  Bramley, Hull, Hull KR (No.6) (t/c) 50p, Hunslet, Hunslet (CC), Leeds, St. Helens, St. Helens (JPT), Salford, Warrington (JPT), Widnes, Wigan, Workington, 78/9 Barrow, Bradford (cr) 50p, Huddersfield, Hull KR, Leigh, Rochdale (cr) 50p, Wakefield, Warrington (JPT), Widnes, Wigan, Workington (cr) 50p, 79/80 Barrow, Bramley (t/c) 50p, Dewsbury, Dewsbury (YC), Doncaster, Halifax (t/c) 50p, Halifax (CC), Halifax (JPT) (t/c) 50p, 80/1 Barrow(cr) 50p, Bradford, Halifax (wob) 50p, Keighley (CC) (t/c) 50p, Oldham (t/c) 50p, St. Helens (t/c) 50p, Salford (t/c) 50p, Widnes (CC) (t/c) 50p,  Workington (t/c) 50p, 81/2 Bradford, Hull, St. Helens (t/c) 50p, Wakefield (t/c) 50p, Warrington (t/c) 50p, Whitehaven  (t/c) 50p Wigan,  82/3  Barrow, Bradford (YC) (cr) 50p, Bradford, Carlisle (t/c) 50p , Castleford, Fulham(t/c) 50p, Hull , (t/c) 50p, Wigan. 83/4 Castleford (sof) 50p, Leeds, Widnes, Wigan, 84/5 Hull KR, Wigan, 85/6 Bradford (YC)( nof) 50p, Wigan, 86/7 Wigan, 88/9 St. Helens, Wigan, 89/90 Bradford, Wigan, 90/1 Wigan, 91/2 Wigan, 93/4 Wigan, 94/5  Wigan, 2001 Keighley. 


Fulham 80/1 (First season), Bradford (fr) £1.50, Bramley £1.50, Leeds (JPT) £1.50, Swinton £1.50, Wakefield (CC) £1.50, Wigan (Inaugural Match) £3, 81/2 Wigan 83/4 Wigan, 84/5 Carlisle (@ Crystal Palace sports ground).89/90 Wigan (Lancs Cup) (@ Hendon)  


Gateshead 1999 (First season) Wigan (@ Tynecastle Edinburgh) £3,


Halifax  55/6 Bradford (lt cr) £2, 58/9 Bramley (light cr) £1.50, Dewsbury £2, Wigan (sm. label on cover) 50p, 59/60 Wakefield (tea stain on cover) 50p, Wigan, 60/1 Bramley, Hunslet, Wigan, 61/2 Wakefield, Wigan 62/3 Wigan (t/c) £1, 63/4 Wakefield (Sep), (May), Wigan, 64/5 Wakefield, Wigan (11 autos inc. Billy Boston) (cr) £4, 65/6 Bradford (t/c) 50p, 66/6 Wigan (t/c) 50p, 66/7 Featherstone, Hunslet, 67/8 Bradford (sof) 50p, Huddersfield (score inside) 50p, Keighley, 68/9 Hull KR, Keighley,  69/70 Bradford (t/c) 50p, Bramley (Dec + Apr s/s), Dewsbury, 70/1 Bramley (cr,tc) 50p  71/2 Bradford, 72/3 Whitehaven, York, 74/5 Bramley, Wigan, 76/7 Bramley (t/c) 50p, Hunslet, 78/9 Hull, 79/80 Hunslet (YC) (cr) 50p, 80/1 Wigan (CC),  82/3 Bradford, Wigan, 83/4 Hunslet, 84/5 Wigan, 85/6 Wigan,  86/7 Wigan, 87/8 Hull KR, Leeds, Rochdale (CC), Wigan, 88/9 Castleford (Alliance), Wigan, 89/90 Bramley, Huddersfield, 90/1 Batley, Fulham (CC), Ryedale York, St. Helens (CC), Whitehaven (CC), 91/2 Wigan, 92/3 Wigan (Lge) (Cup), 93/4  Keighley (Regal), Wigan, 94/5 Wigan, 95/6 Wigan, 1996 Wigan,  1997 Keighley (CC), Wigan, 1998 Wigan, 1999 Wigan, 2001 Wigan, 2003 Castleford.   


Harlequins RL 2006 Wigan (Jul) £2, (Sept) £2, 2007 Wigan (Jun) £2 (Aug) £2,


Highfield 94/5 Keighley


Huddersfield  52/53 Australia (r/s) £5, 57/8 Halifax (CC) cr £1, 61/62 Rochdale H (Dec), (Apr), 62/3 Wakefield(wof) 50p,64/5 Hull KR, Warrington, 66/7 Barrow, Bradford, Salford, 67/8 Featherstone (CC) (cr) 50p, 69/70 Bramley,  York, 70/1 Featherstone, Hull, Hull K.R., Huyton, Oldham (BBC), Swinton, Wigan, 71/2 Halifax, Hull, Hull (Floodlit), Wigan (cr) 50p, 72/3 Dewsbury(t/c) 50p, Halifax, Hull K.R., Keighley, Leeds, New Zealand (Fr) £1.50, 73/4 Australia (Fr), Huyton, Keighley, New Hunslet, 74/5 Barrow, Batley, Blackpool £1.50, Castleford (Floodlit), Doncaster, Hull, Hull K.R. (Prem) (7 autos), Hull K.R., Huyton, Leigh, New Hunslet, Oldham, Rochdale (CC), Swinton, Whitehaven, Workington, 75/6 Barrow (No.6), Castleford (No.6), Dewsbury, Featherstone, Featherstone (YC), Hull K.R., Keighley, Leeds, Leeds (CC), Oldham, St. Helens, Salford, Swinton, Wakefield, Warrington, Widnes,  Wigan 76/7 Dewsbury (YC), Huyton, St. Helens (BBC), Swinton, Wakefield, 77/8 Salford (CC), Wigan (BBC), 78/9 Barrow, Bramley (CC) (s/s) £2, Featherstone, Hull KR, Salford, Whitehaven, Wigan, 80/1 Bradford (YC), St. Helens (CC), Wigan, 81/2  Bramley, Cardiff (First season) (cr)(tc) £1, 83/4 Batley, 88/9 Carlisle 89/90 Carlisle £1.50, Hunslet, Runcorn £1.50, Ryedale-York, 90/1 Doncaster, Keighley (Regal), Trafford Boro’ £2, Whitehaven, Workington, 92/3 Carlisle, 93/4 Keighley, 95/6 Wigan (Regal) (t/c) 50p, 1998  London Broncos £1,Wigan, 1999 Wigan, 2000  Wigan,  2003  Wigan, 2004 Wigan £1, 2006  Catalans Dragons (First season) £2 , 2007  Bradford,  Wigan, 2010 Hull KR (CC),      

BOOKS Etc.1965 Ken Bowman Testimonial brochure £2.50, 1966 Austin KIlroy Testimonial brochure £2.50 1971  Huddersfield RLSC Handbook £4*


Hull 58/9 Wigan (cr) 50p, 59/60 Wigan (CC) (t/c) 50p, 60/1Featherstone £2* Wigan (cr & t/c) 50p, 62/3 Huddersfield* £2, 62/3 Wigan, Wigan (CC), 63/4 Wigan (sof) 50p, 65/6 Hull KR (sof) 50p, 68/9 Wigan(t/c) 50p, York, 69/70 Halifax, Workington, 70/1 Wigan (t/c) 50p, 71/2 Leeds (CC) (cr) 50p, 72/3  Warrington, 73/4 Batley, 74/5 Batley,  Huyton, Oldham, Workington 75/6 Batley, Blackpool, Doncaster, Whitehaven,  76/7 Batley, Bradford (No.6), Bramley (Nov.) (t/c) 50p, Bramley (Apr), Dewsbury, Huyton (Jan), (Mar), Swinton, 77/8 Bradford, Bramley (YC), Dewsbury, Featherstone, Wakefield, Warrington, Wigan, Widnes, Workington (sof) (t/c) 50p 78/9 Batley (t/c) 50p, Blackpool, Bradford (JPT), Bradford (CC), Bramley, Doncaster, Halifax, Huyton Oldham, Swinton, 79/80 Featherstone (YC) (t/c) 50p, Halifax (BBC) (t/c) 50p, Wigan (cr) 50p, 81/2 Leigh, Wakefield, Wigan 82/3 Bradford, Bradford (JPT), Carlisle, Featherstone, Huddersfield (YC), Warrington, Wigan, Widnes, Workington, 83/4 Bradford, Castleford, Leigh, St. Helens, Salford, Wakefield, Warrington, Wigan, 84/5 Carlisle (CC), Dewsbury (Alliance), Huddersfield  (Alliance), Swinton (Alliance), Wakefield (Alliance),Wigan,  85/6 Dewsbury, Salford, Swinton, Wigan, 86/7 Wigan, 87/8 Wigan, 88/9 Wigan, 89/90 Wigan, 90/1 Australia £1.50, Leeds, Wigan, 91/2 Wigan, 92/3 Wigan, 93/4 Wigan (CC), 94/5 Wigan, Wigan (Regal), 97/8 Wigan, 1999 Wigan,  2000 Wigan, 2001 Castleford, Leeds (CC), Wigan, 2002 Wigan, 2004 Wigan,  


Hull KR 62/3 Huddersfield (t/c) 50p, Wigan, 63/4 Hull, 64/5 Featherstone (t/c) 50p, 65/6 Wigan(t/c) 50p, 66/7  York, 70/1  Swinton, 71/2 Wigan, 73/4 Wigan (t/c) 50p, 74/5 Wigan (BBC), Workington (wof) 50p,  75/6 Wigan (t/c) 50p, 77/8  Featherstone, Hunslet, Wigan, Wigan (BBC),  78/9 Featherstone , (t/c) 50p, 79/80 Castleford (CC),  Hunslet (cr) 50p. Warrington, 80/1 Featherstone (t/c) 50p, Oldham, Salford, St. Helens, Widnes, 81/2  Bradford, Bradford (play offs), Featherstone (CC), Whitehaven, Wigan, 82/3 Bradford, Oldham,  St. Helens, Wigan, 83/4 Bradford, Leigh, Wigan, 84/5 Wigan, Workington, 85/6 Wigan, 86/7 Wigan,87/8 Wigan, 88/9 Wigan, Wigan (JPT) 89/90 Hunslet, Wigan (CC), 90/1  Wigan, 91/2 Wigan, 92/3 Keighley (CC), Wigan, Wigan (Regal), 93/4  Wigan, 2000 Keighley,     


Hunslet 51/2 Wigan (spine split completely, wof, t/c) £2, 56/7 Featherstone £3.50, 59/60 Wigan (cr) £1, 60/1 Halifax (grubby) £1, 65/6 Leigh, 70/1 Bramley (cr) 50p, 74/5 Barrow (score inside) 50p, Blackpool ( score inside) 50p, Huddersfield, Hull (YC)(score inside) 50p, Huyton (score inside 50p, Widnes (BBC) (score inside) 50p, 75/6 Barrow, Blackpool (t/c) 50p, Halifax (t/c) 50p, Halifax (No.6), Huyton (t/c) 50p, 76/7 Castleford(t/c) 50p, Huddersfield (t/c) 50p, Hull (YC) (t/c) 50p, Hull (t/c) 50p, Huyton (t/c) 50p, 77/8 Bradford, Dewsbury, Hull KR, Salford (sof) 50p, Wigan,  79/80 Blackpool, Hull (cr) 50p, Keighley (YC), Leeds (BBC), Wigan (t/c) 50p, 80/1 Wigan, Workington (JPT), 82/3 Blackpool (cr) 50p, Cardiff £1, Castleford (CC), Dewsbury, Featherstone (YC), Fulham £1, Halifax (CC), Hull KR (CC), Huyton, Salford, 83/4 Blackpool, Bradford (CC), Cardiff, Dewsbury, Huyton, Keighley, Leeds, Swinton, Workington (c/w Apr teamsheet), York (YC), York, 84/5 Barrow, Bradford, Featherstone (cr) 50p, Halifax, Hull, Hull KR, Hull KR (CC), Leigh, Widnes,  Wigan, 85/6 Blackpool, Sheffield Eagles, 86/7 Bradford (YC), 87/8 Swinton, Wigan, 89/90 Huddersfield, 95/6 Leigh, 2005 Blackpool Panthers, Dewsbury Rams, London Skolars, Swinton Lions, Workington, York City Knights, 2008 Batley  


Huyton   68/9 Whitehaven (wof) 50p, 73/4 Bradford, 75/6 Bramley (sof & inside) 50p, Hull (sof & inside) 50p, 76/7 Bramley, 77/8 Barrow, 78/9 Bramley, Hull (issued by Hull) 79/80 Featherstone (cr) 50p, 80/1 Wigan (Fr), 81/2 Cardiff (First season) £2, Dewsbury.


Keighley 65/6 Bradford (score inside) 50p, 67/8 Bradford, Wigan (CC) (cr) 50p, 68/9 Blackpool, Bradford (score inside) 50p, Leeds (CC), 69/70 Bradford (score inside) 50p, Bramley (CC) 50p, Huddersfield, Hunslet, 71/2  Barrow, Castleford, Hull (YC), Wakefield, 72/3 Bradford, Bramley (score inside) 50p, Whitehaven, 74/5 Bramley t/c) 50p, Leeds (No.6) (score inside) 50p, Wigan (score inside) 50p, 75/6 Hull KR, Leigh (CC), Wigan (t/c) 50p, Workington (CC), 76/7 Bradford, 78/9 Batley, Bramley (cr) 50p, Hull (cr) 50p, Hull (CC) (cr) 50p, Swinton (cr) 50p, Wigan (JP), 79/80 Bradford (JPT)(cr) 50p, Huddersfield (cr) 50p, 80/1 Wigan, 81/2 Bramley (YC) (cr) 50p, 82/3 Huddersfield (mkd) 50p, 91/2 Hunslet, 92/3 Batley, Hunslet, Hunslet p/o, 93/4 Batley, Bradford, Carlisle, Castleford (CC), Dewsbury, Highfield, Huddersfield, Hunslet, London Crusaders, Nottingham City (Regal), Oulton (CC), Swinton, Whitehaven, Workington, 94/5 Barrow, Bramley (Regal), Carlisle, Chorley (Regal), Chorley (CC), Dewsbury, Dewsbury (CC), Huddersfield (CC), Hull KR, Hunslet, Rochdale, Ryedale York, 95/6 Barrow (CC), Dewsbury, Featherstone, Huddersfield, Hull, Salford, St. Helens (Regal), Wakefield, Whitehaven, 1996 Huddersfield, Salford, 1997 Huddersfield, St. Helens (CC), Swinton, Wakefield, Widnes, 1998 Featherstone, Hunslet (Mar) (Jun), Widnes, Wigan (CC), 1999 Doncaster, Hull KR, Rochdale York, 2000 Doncaster, Hunslet, Lancashire Lynx, Rochdale, Villeneuve (CC), Whitehaven, Workington, York, 2001 Barrow, Batley, Chorley, Doncaster, Featherstone, Hunslet, Leigh (Transpennine Cup Final) Leigh, Rochdale (CC), Swinton.


Kippax Knights 2010 Warrington Wizards    


Lancashire Lynx 1997 Wigan (@ Preston)


Leeds 57/8 Castleford £3.50,58/9 Halifax (cr & score inside) £2.50,* 60/1 Wigan (t/c) (CC) £1, 61/2 Bramley (cr) £2, 62/3 Wigan, 63/4 Wakefield (score inside) 50p, 65/6 Bradford, Castleford (score inside) 50p, Dewsbury, 66/7 Castleford p/o, Halifax, Hull (score inside) 50p, Hull KR, Oldham, St. Helens, Swinton (CC) (score inside) 50p, Wakefield, Wigan (r/s) 50p. York (score inside), 67/8 Bradford, Bramley, Bramley (cr) (CC) 50p, Dewsbury, Featherstone (cr) 50p, Halifax (Flt), Huddersfield, Liverpool (cr) (CC), St. Helens, Widnes (t/c) (p/o) 50p, Wigan p/o, Workington (score inside) 50p, York (t/c) 50p, 68/9 Batley, Bradford, Bramley (t/c) 50p, Castleford, Featherstone, Halifax, Hull, Keighley (score inside) 50p, Oldham (p/o), St. Helens, Wakefield, 69/70 Batley (t/c) 50p, Batley (CC), Bradford (YC), Bramley, Castleford, Dewsbury (score inside) 50p, Featherstone, Halifax, Halifax (YC), Halifax (p/o) (score inside) 50p, Hull, Hull KR, Hull KR (p/o semi) (t/c) 50p, Hunslet, Hunslet (Lazenby Cup) (t/c) 50p, Keighley, St. Helens, Wakefield, Whitehaven (p/o), York. 70/1 Batley, Batley (p/o), Bramley, Castleford, Featherstone, Halifax, Huddersfield, Hull, Hull KR, Leigh (teamsheet) (t/c) 50p, Oldham (CC), St. Helens, St. Helens (CC), Salford, Swinton, Warrington, Whitehaven. 71/2 Batley, Castleford, Dewsbury, Halifax, Halifax (No.6), Halifax (BBC), Huddersfield, Hull, Hull KR, Hull KR (BBC), Hunslet (Lazenby Cup), Keighley, Leigh (p/o), Leigh (No.6), Oldham, Wakefield, Wakefield (CC), Widnes (CC/Shoebottom Test), Widnes (p/o), Wigan, Workington, 72/3 Bramley (t/c) 50p, Bramley (p/o) (t/c) 50p, Castleford (t/c) 50p, Castleford (p/o) (t/c) 50p, Halifax (t/c) 50p, Hull (t/c) 50p, Hull (No.6) (t/c) 50p, Hull KR, Hunslet (Lazenby Cup) (t/c) 50p, Keighley (t/c) 50p, Leigh (No.6), Salford (t/c) 50p, St. Helens, Wakefield, Wigan, Wigan (C/C), York (score inside) 50p. 73/4 Bramley (t/c) 50p, Bramley (Lazenby Cup) (t/c) 50p, Dewsbury (Y/C), Hull (BBC) (t/c) 50p, Hull KR (t/c) 50p, Keighley (BBC) (t/c) 50p, Keighley (p/o), Salford, St. Helens (t/c) 50p, Swinton (Capt. Morgan (t/c) 50p, Warrington (t/c) 50p, Widnes (t/c) 50p, Wigan (t/c) 50p, 74/5 Bradford (t/c) 50p, Bradford (CC) (t/c) 50p, Bramley, Halifax (t/c) 50p, Keighley (YC), Rochdale, Salford (t/c) 50p, St. Helens, Wakefield (t/c) 50p, Warrington (t/c) 50p, Widnes (t/c) 50p, Wigan. 75/6 Bradford, Bradford (CC), Featherstone, Halifax (YC), Huddersfield, Hull KR, Keighley, Salford, Swinton (t/c) 50p, Wakefield, Warrington, Widnes, Wigan, Wigan (BBC). 76/7 Bradford, Featherstone, Hull KR (t/c) 50p, Leigh, Oldham, Rochdale, Rochdale (No.6), Salford (t/c) 50p, Salford (No.6), St. Helens (t/c) 50p. Wakefield (t/c) 50p, Widnes, Wigan (t/c) 50p, 77/8 Bradford (CC), Bramley, Dewsbury, Featherstone, Halifax (CC), Hull (YC), Hull KR, Salford, St. Helens, Wakefield (t/c) 50p, Widnes, Widnes (BBC), Wigan, Wigan (JPT). 78/9 Barrow, Bradford, Castleford, Featherstone, Huddersfield, Hull (BBC), Hull KR, Leigh, Salford, St. Helens, St. Helens (p/o), Wakefield, Warrington, Widnes, Wigan, Wigan (p/o semi), Workington. 79/80 Blackpool, Castleford (YC), Hull, Hull KR, Hunslet, Leigh, Leigh (JPT), St. Helens, Widnes, Wigan, York, 80/1 Castleford, Halifax, Huddersfield (YC Semi), Hull KR, Hunslet (YC), Oldham, Salford, St. Helens, Warrington, Widnes, Workington, York (YC). 81/2 Bradford, Bradford (YC), Fulham, Hull KR, Leigh, St. Helens, Warrington, Whitehaven, Widnes (Dec c/w insert for April), Wigan, Wigan (JPT), York, 82/3 Bradford, Bramley (JPT) (cr) 50p, Castleford, Featherstone, Hull (YC), Hull KR, Leigh, Oldham, St. Helens, St. Helens (CC), Widnes, Wigan, Workington, York (JPT). 83/4 Bradford (CC), Castleford, Featherstone, Oldham, St. Helens, Whitehaven, Widnes. 84/5 Bradford, Featherstone, Halifax, Hull, Hunslet, Leigh, Oldham, St. Helens, Sheffield (JPT) £1.50, Widnes, Widnes (CC), Wigan, Wigan (JPT), Workington. 85/6 Castleford, Hull, Hull KR, Keighley (YC), Oldham, Salford, St. Helens, Swinton, Widnes (CC), Wigan, 86/7 Featherstone, Hull, Hull KR, Keighley (YC), Leigh, Oldham, Salford, St. Helens, Wakefield, Warrington, Widnes, Widnes (CC), Wigan. 87/8 Bradford, Castleford (CC), Halifax, Halifax (JPT), Hull, Hull (YC), Hull KR, Salford, Swinton, Wakefield (YC), Widnes, Wigan. 88/9 Bradford (YC), Castleford (JPT), Halifax, Hull KR, Hunslet (CC), Oldham, Salford, St. Helens, Wakefield, Wakefield (YC), Warrington, Widnes (CC), Wigan. 89/90 Barrow, Bradford, Bradford (CC), Castleford, Featherstone, Hull, Leigh, Wigan, Wigan (Regal). 90/1 Sheffield, Wakefield, Widnes, Wigan, 91/2 Bradford, St. Helens, Wigan. 92/3 Wigan. 93/4 Bradford (CC), Leeds, Oldham (cr) 50p, Warrington, (CC) 94/5 Wigan, Workington (CC), 95/6 Castleford, Wigan. 1996 London, Wigan, 1997 Bradford, Halifax, , Salford, St. Helens, Sheffield, Wigan. 1999 Castleford, London, St. Helens, St. Helens (CC), Sheffield, Wakefield, Warrington, Wigan (Mar), Wigan (Aug), Wigan (CC), 2000 Bradford, Castleford, Dewsbury (CC), Halifax, Huddersfield (auto Ronnie!!),Hull (tatty but signed by Kevin Sinfield to the cover) £2, St. Helens (CC), Warrington, Wigan. 2001 Bradford (Aug), Bradford (May), Castleford (Fr), Castleford & Halifax (Joint) £2, Huddersfield, London, St. Helens, Wakefield, Warrington (Jul), Wigan (Aug), Wigan (Jun). 2002 Bradford, Castleford (Jul 02), Castleford (Dec fr. For 03), Halifax, Hull (May), Hull (Aug), Hull (p/o), Hull KR (CC), London, Salford, St. Helens, Wakefield (CC), Wigan. 2003 Bradford, Castleford (Dec fr for 04), Wakefield, Warrington, Whitehaven (CC), Wigan (Aug), Wigan (Oct). 2004 Salford, Wigan. 2005 Bradford, Huddersfield, Hull, Leigh, London, London (CC), SM Pia (c/w team sheet) (CC) £2.50, St. Helens, Wakefield (Dec fr for 06), Wak efield, Warrington, Warrington (CC), Widnes, Wigan. 2006 Bradford, Harlequins (first season) £3, Huddersfield, Wigan, 2007 Huddersfield, St. Helens, Wakefield (Jul), Wakefield (Sep), Wigan. 2008 Bradford, Castleford, Catalan (c/w DVD), Huddersfield, Warrington (c/w DVD), Wigan (Apr),(Sep). 2009 Bradford, Catalan, Celtic Crusaders, Harlequins, Huddersfield, Hull, Hull KR, Hull KR (p/o), Salford, St Helens, Wakefield, Warrington, Wigan, 2010 Castleford. 2011 Castleford, Catalan, Crusaders, Huddersfield, Hull, Hull KR, Salford, St. Helens, Wakefield, Warrington, Wigan. 2012 Bradford, Catalan, Huddersfield, Hull, St. Helens, Wakefield, Warrington, Widnes. 2013 Bradford, Castleford, Castleford (CC), Catalan, Huddersfield, Hull KR, London, Salford, St. Helens, Wakefield, Warrington, Widnes, 2015 Bradford, Wigan.    


Leigh 64/5 Wigan (t/c) 50p, 65/6 Wigan, 66/7 Wigan (t/c) 50p, Wigan (Lancs C), 67/8 Bradford (t/c) 50p, Wigan, 68/9 Wigan, 69/70 Wigan (Lge), (CC) (s/inside) 50p, 70/1 Wigan, 71/2 Dewsbury, Featherstone, Halifax, Hull, Keighley, Salford, St. Helens (t/c) 50p, (BBC f/lit), Wigan, Workington, 72/3 Dewsbury Celtic (CC), Widnes (Lancs cup), Wigan, 73/4 Wigan, 74/5 Huddersfield (cr & sc in) 50p, 75/6 Bramley, Whitehaven,  76/7 Bradford, Featherstone, Wigan (t/c) 50p, 77/8 Featherstone (CC), 78/9  Bradford, Dewsbury (JPT), Featherstone (cr) 50p, Leeds, Wigan.  79/80 Bradford, Hull KR, Wigan (t/c) 50p, 80/1 Bradford (t/c) 50p, 81/2 Castleford (CC) (cr) 50p, St. Helens (t/c) 50p, Wigan, 82/3 Wigan, 83/4 Wigan, 84/5 Wigan, 85/6 Blackpool (CC), 86/7 Wigan, 87/8 St. Helens (CC), Wigan, 89/90 Castleford, Wigan, 92/3 Wigan (cr) 50p, 93/4 Wigan, 98/9 Wigan (s/s), 2002 Wigan (CC), 2005 Wigan,


Lock Lane 95/6 Embassy (YCC)


London Crusaders/Broncos  91/2 Wigan 1st home match (Lancs Cup) £2, 1996 Wigan, 1997 Canterbury Bulldogs, Wigan, 1999 Wigan, 2004 Wigan


Nottingham C. 89/90 Halifax,   


Oldham  60/1 Wigan, 66/7 Wigan, 67/8 Leeds (CC) (cr) 50p, Wigan (cr) 50p, 68/9 Swinton, Wigan, 69/70 Wigan (CC),  70/1 Halifax, Wigan, 71/2 Wigan,  73/4 Wigan (Lancs Cup), (BBC 2), (Lge) (s/inside) 50p, 74/5 Huddersfield 75/6 Leeds, Wigan (dof) 50p, 76/7 Wigan (s/inside) 50p, 77/8 Batley (signed inside by 26 players) £4, 78/9 Hunslet (cr) 50p, 79/80 Halifax (cr) 50p, St. Helens (BBC flit), Swinton, Warrington (Lancs Cup), 80/1 St. Helens (CC), Warrington (Lancs Cup Semi), 82/3 Wigan, 83/4 Hull KR, Leigh, Salford, St. Helens, Wigan, 83/4 Workington (Lancs Cup) 84/5 Wigan, 85/6 St. Helens (tc) 50p, Wigan, 86/7 Wigan (CC), (Lge), 87/8 Springfield Borough (only season) s/s £1.50, 88/9 Wigan (CC), (Lge) 90/1 Wigan, 93/4 Wigan (Lge) (Regal), 95/6 Wigan, 1996 Wigan, 1997 Wigan, 2000 Hunslet Hawks £1


Oulton Raiders 2009 Leigh Miners Rangers


Pilkington Recs 76/7  Wigan (CC) (t/c) 50p, 79/80 Wigan (JPT) (cr) 50p,


Rochdale 61/2 Wigan (lt cr) £1, 62/3 Blackpool £1, 63/4 Bramley, Wigan, 64/5 Wigan, 65/6 Widnes (cr) 50p, Wigan (t/c) 50p, 66/7 Wigan, 67/8 Barrow, Wigan (cr) 50p. 68/9 Wigan (cr) 50p, 69/70 Wigan (s/inside) 50p, 70/1 Barrow, 73/4 Oldham (cr) 50p, Wigan (t/c) 50p, 74/5 Dewsbury, 75/6 Bradford (CC), Halifax, Hunslet (t/c) 50p, Workington (Lancs Cup), 76/7 Leeds (s/inside) 50p, 78/9 Featherstone (cr) 50p, Hull KR, 79/80 Bramley, Featherstone, Swinton, Whitehaven, 80/1 Wigan, 81/2 Huddersfield, 85/6 Wakefield, 90/1 Wigan, Wigan (CC), 92/3 Keighley, Wigan (Lancs Cup) 93/4 Keighley, 1999 Hunslet Hawks.


Runcorn Highfield 89/90 Ryedale-York 90/1 Huddersfield


Ryedale-York 89/90 Carlisle, Fulham, Keighley (t/c), 90/1 Batley, Halifax


St. Helens 55/6 Wigan (cr) £1.50, 56/7 Huddersfield (score inside) £2.50*, 59/60 Wakefield (score inside & tatty) £1, Wigan(15/4) (cr), (7/5) (cr & score inside) 60/1 Wigan (LC), 62/3 Wigan, 63/4 Wigan (sof), 64/5 Huddersfield, 65/6 Wigan, 66/7 Bradford (p/o), Wigan (cr) 50p, 67/8 Whitehaven, Wigan (Flit) (cr) 50p, Lge. 68/9 Wigan (Dec aban), (Jan), (Lancs Cup) 69/70 Bradford (CC) (t/c) 50p, 70/1 Huddersfield (play offs), Whitehaven, Wigan, 71/2 Castleford, Halifax, Huddersfield, Hull (No. 6), Warrington (Lancs Cup), Wigan, 73/4 Bramley (CC), Widnes, Wigan, 74/5 Wigan, 75/6 Featherstone, Wigan, 76/7 Wigan, (Lge) (P/O) (t/c) 50p, 77/8 Featherstone, Hull, Hull KR, Wigan (fr), 78/9 Bradford, Wigan, 79/80 Bradford (CC), Warrington, Wigan, Workington (CC), York, 80/1 Hull, Leeds, Oldham, Wakefield (t/c) 50p, Warrington, 81/2 Featherstone, Leigh, Whitehaven (t/c) 50p, Wigan, Wigan (CC), 82/3 Barrow, Warrington, Wigan, 83/4 Bradford, Featherstone, Oldham, Salford,  Warrington (Lancs Cup), Wigan, Wigan (CC), 84/5 Bradford (JPT), Hull KR (CC), Wigan (Lge) (P/O),  85/6 Hull, Wigan, 86/7 Oldham, Salford, Swinton (CC), Warrington, Warrington (Lancs Cup), Warrington (P/O), Wigan,  87/8 Bradford (P/O) Hull, Warrington, Wigan, 88/9 Castleford, Wigan, 89/90 Sheffield Eagles, Wigan, 90/1 Wigan, 91/2 Wigan, Wigan (CC), 92/3 Bradford, Castleford, Hull, Leeds, Widnes, Wigan, 93/4 Wigan, 94/5 Wigan (CC), Wigan, 1996 Wigan, 1997 Halifax, Wigan, Wigan (CC), Wigan (Challenge Match A4), 1998 Wigan, 1999 Wigan, 2000 Wigan, (Apr) (Sep), 2001 Wigan (CC), 2002 Wigan, 2003 Wigan, 2004 Wigan, 2006 Wigan, 2008 Wigan.     


St. Patricks 88/9 Elland (JPT)


Salford 64/5 Wigan, 66/7 St. Helens, Wigan, 67/8 Leigh, Oldham, Warrington (s/inside) 50p, Wigan, 68/9 Bradford, Wigan, 69/70 Huddersfield, 71/2 Wigan (newspaper issue), 73/4 Leeds (t/c) 50p, 74/5 Wigan (t/c) 50p, 75/6 Huddersfield, Wigan, 76/7 Wigan, 77/8 Hunslet, 78/9 Featherstone, Hull KR, 79/80 Leeds, Warrington, 80/1 Featherstone, Wigan (JPT), 82/3 Featherstone (CC) (mkd) 50p, Huyton, Wigan (JPT), 83/4 Barrow (Lancs Cup),  Warrington, Wigan, 85/6 Wigan, 86/7 Leeds, Wigan, 87/8 Wigan, Wigan (JPT), 88/9 Leeds, Wigan, 89/90 Wigan, 91/2 Wigan, Wigan (Regal) 92/3 Wigan, 93/4 Wigan, 95/6 Keighley, Wigan (CC), 1996 Keighley, 1997 Wigan, 1998 Wigan, 1999 Wigan, 2000 Wigan (Apr) (Aug) 2001 Wigan, 2002 Castleford, 2005 Wigan,


Sheffield Eagles 84/5 Rochdale £2, Salford £2, Wakefield £2, 86/7 November Club Magazine (covers Fulham & Batley), 88/9 Wigan St. Patricks (JP), 89/90 Hull, Salford, Wigan, 90/1 Wigan, 91/2 Batley, Rochdale, 92/3 Wigan (A4 issue) £1.50, 94/5 Wigan, 1996 Wigan, 1998 Wigan 1999 Wigan, 2001 Keighley.


Springfield Borough 87/8 Barrow (JP) £2, Batley £2, Carlisle £2, Dewsbury £2, Keighley £2, Leeds (JP) £2.50, Oldham £2, Rochdale £2, Runcorn £2, Wakefield (JP) £2, Whitehaven £2, York £2,


Swinton 58/9 Wigan £2.50, Wigan (LC) (scores inside) £1.50 59/60 Wigan £2, 61/2 Leigh (cr) 50p, Wakefield (t/c) £1,+ Wigan (cr) £1, 62/3 Wigan (t/c) £1, 63/4 Liverpool C (cr) £1, Wigan, 64/5 Wigan (date on front) 50p, Wigan (LC) (score inside) 50p. 66/7 Bradford, Wigan (t/c) 50p, 67/8 Oldham (score inside) (LC) 50p, Wigan (t/c) 50p, 68/9 Wakefield (Play offs), 70/1 Featherstone, Hull K.R., Wigan (CC), 71/2 Bramley (t/c) 50p, 72/3 Huyton,(No.6) Whitehaven, Wigan (score inside) 50p, 73/4 Bradford (CC) (t/c) 50p, Workington (sof) 50p, 74/5 Wigan (No.6), 75/6 Wigan (t/c) 50p, 76/7 Bramley, 77/8 Barrow, Huddersfield, 78/9 Bramley, Whitehaven, 80/1 Featherstone, Fulham £1.50, Wigan, 81/2 Cardiff £1.50, 82/3 Bramley, 83/4 Carlisle, 84/5 Bridgend £2, Wigan (LC), 85/6 Widnes (cr) 50p,Wigan @ Burnden Pk. 87/8 Wigan, 91/2 Wigan, Wigan (Regal Tr), 92/3 Wigan (LC), 94/5 Keighley, 1998 Keighley, 2000 Hunslet @ Gigg Lane,  Whitehaven @ Gigg Lane, 2003 Wigan (CC).


Trafford Borough 89/90 Huddersfield, 90/1 Halifax  


Wakefield T 56/7Bramley(cr) £1.50, Doncaster £3, 57/8 Wigan (t/c & score inside) £1, 58/59 Huddersfield (Froggatt Benefit) (writing inside, sell marks, team page worn) 50p, 59/60  Bradford N. (score inside) £1.50, Featherstone £2, (woc & t/c) £1, Swinton £1.50, 60/1 Bradford N, Bramley (YC) £2, Castleford (woc stain inside) £1,Featherstone  Huddersfield (woc & t/c) £1, Keighley (woc & t/c) £1,Warrington,  Wigan, Wigan (CC), 61/2 Bradford N. (heavy cr. & t/c) 50p, Featherstone (woc & t/c) £1, Huddersfield ‘A’* £2, Hunslet, Leigh (t/c & 1961 written on cover), Swinton, Warrington (CC), Wigan (Lge), Wigan (CC), York, 62/3 Bramley £1.50, (woc) £1, Castleford £1.50, Halifax, Leeds £1.50, St. Helens £1.50, Swinton, Wigan, 63/4 Dewsbury(A team) £1.50,Australians £2, Featherstone £1.50, Halifax (YC) £1.50, Swinton £1.50, Widnes £1.50, Wigan, 64/5 Blackpool (score & notes inside) £1, Bradford N £1.50, Hull £1.50, St. Helens, Warrington (p/o) £2, (copy cr) £1, York (t/c) £1, 65/6 Bramley, Castleford, Featherstone, Halifax, Hull K.R. £1.50, Hunslet, Leeds, St. Helens (CC) £1.50, Wigan, 66/7 Bradford, Featherstone, Hunslet, Wigan, Workington (Play off), 67/8 Bradford, Castleford, Castleford (CC), Castleford (Play off), Hull K.R., Hull KR (CC), Hunslet, Salford (Charity) (t/c),  St.Helens, Challenge for the Championship Harold Poynton’s Benefit Souvenir 128 pages £3. 68/9 Bradford (CC), Featherstone,Hunslet, Rochdale H (CC)  £1.50, St.Helens, Salford, York, 69/70 Hull KR, Past v Present £1.50, 70/1 Barrow, Blackpool (season & mark on cover), Halifax  (inc. Team sheet), team sheet only 50p, Keighley, York, 71/2 Barrow, Blackpool B., (No.6) £2, Dewsbury, Featherstone, Huddersfield, Hull KR, 72/3 Halifax, Halifax (YC), Rochdale, Widnes, 74/5 Dewsbury, Featherstone (YC), Halifax (YC), Hull KR (CC), Leeds, Leigh (No.6), Rochdale, 75/6 Bradford, Leeds, Wigan, 76/7 Featherstone (YC), Hull KR, Wigan, 77/8 Hull, Hull KR (BBC), Leeds (CC), 78/9 Barrow (CC), Featherstone, Featherstone (CC), Hull KR, Hull KR (YC), Wigan, 79/80 Featherstone (JP), Hull KR (YC), Hunslet, Leeds, Wigan, 80/1 Featherstone, Halifax (CC), Hull KR, St.Helens, Salford, 81/2 Bradford, Leeds (CC), Wigan, 82/3 Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Huyton, Keighley, Rochdale, Salford, 83/4 Bradford, Hull, Leigh, St.Helens, Salford, Warrington, Warrington (JP), Whitehaven, Wigan, 84/5 Bradford (YC), Bramley, 85/6 Runcorn Highfield £1.50, Wigan (JPT), 86/7 Wakefield, Wigan, 88/9 Wigan, 89/90 Bradford, Halifax (YC), Wigan 95/6 Keighley, 1999 Wigan (Apr) (Sep), 2000 Salford, Wigan, 2001 Castleford, Wigan, 2003 Wigan.  


Warrington 57/8 Bramley (score on cover & inside) £2.50, 60/1 Wigan (writing inside) £1, 61/2 Wigan (t/c) £1, 62/3 Whitehaven (t/c) £1.50, Wigan (Wardonia Cup) (t/c) £1, Wigan (date overprinted) (cr & t/c) 50p, 64/5 Wigan, 65/6 Wigan, Wigan (fr), 66/7 Wigan, Wigan (CC), 67/8 Wigan, 68/9 Wigan, Wigan (Ward Cup), 69/70 Wigan, Wigan (BBC), 70/1 Blackpool B. Wigan, 72/3 Wigan (Lge) Wigan (Locker Cup), 73/4 Castleford (Capt. Morg.) (cr) 50p, Salford, Wigan, 74/5 Wigan, Wigan (Locker Cup) 75/6 Leeds, Wigan, Wigan (Locker Cup), Wigan (BBC), Wigan (Lancs Cup), 76/7 Wigan, 78/9 Castleford (CC), Wigan (Locker Cup), 79/80 Bradford, Leeds (CC), St. Helens, Wigan, 80/1 Halifax (JP), Hull, Leeds, Leigh, Salford, St. Helens, Wigan (Locker Cup), 82/3 Carlisle, Wigan, 83/4 Wigan, Wigan (Locker Cup), 84/5 Wigan, Wigan (CC), 85/6 Wigan, Wigan (Locker Cup) Wigan (JPT) 86/7 Leigh, Wigan, 87/8 Wigan, Wigan (Locker Cup), 88/9 Wigan, 89/90 Featherstone, Leeds, Trafford Boro (CC), Widnes, Wigan, Wigan (Locker Cup), 90/1 Wigan, 91/2 Wigan, Wigan (Locker Cup), 92/3 Wigan, 93/4 Wigan, Wigan (Locker Cup) Wigan (Regal), 94/5 Wigan, 95/6 Wigan, Wigan (Locker Cup), 1996 Wigan, 1997 Wigan, 1998 Wigan, 1999 Wigan, 2000 Wigan (May) (Sept) 2001 Wigan, 2003 Wigan, 2006 Wigan, 


Whitehaven 58/9 Leigh (cr) £1.50 m   59/60 Wigan (t/c) £1, 64/5 Wigan(s/i)£1, 65/6 Wigan, 67/8 Wigan (si) 50p, 68/9 Bramley, Wigan, 69/70 Barrow (Lancs cup), Blackpool, 71/2 Castleford (wof),  72/3 Keighley, Salford, 73/4 Bramley, Widnes, 74/5 Hull KR, 75/6 Bramley, Leigh, York, 80/1 Wigan, 81/2 Hull KR (CC), Wigan, 83/4 Bradford, Wigan, 84/5 Bramley, 87/8 Springfield Boro £2.50, 90/1 Wigan (Regal)


Widnes 61/2 Warrington (score inside) £1.50,  62/3 Wakefield (cr) £1, 63/4 Wakefield (slightly rusty staples) £1, 64/5 Wigan (sm stain on back page) 50p, 65/6 Bradford, Oldham, 68/9 Wigan, 69/70 Wigan, Workington (Lancs Cup) 70/1 Castleford, Featherstone, Leigh, Wigan, 71/2 Swinton, Wigan, 72/3 Wigan, 73/4 Featherstone, Salford, 74/5 Bramley, Wakefield, Wigan (CC), 76/7 Salford, Wakefield, Warrington, Wigan, 77/8 Bradford, Bramley, Wakefield, Wigan (JPT), 78/9 Wakefield, Wigan (CC), 79/80 Hunslet (JPT)(cr) 50p, Leeds, St. Helens (JPT) Salford, Warrington, Wigan, 80/1 Featherstone, Wakefield (JPT), 81/2 Warrington, Wigan, 82/3 Bradford (JPT), Castleford, Wigan, 83/4 Bradford (JPT), Wigan (Lancs Cup), 84/5 Wigan (Lancs Cup), 85/6 Leeds, Leeds (CC), Wigan, 86/7 Wigan, 87/8 Leeds, Wigan, 88/9 Leeds, Wigan, 90/1 Wigan (Lancs Cup), 95/6 Batley, Keighley, Wigan (Regal), 1996 Batley, 1997 Huddersfield, 1998 Swinton, 2002 Wigan, 2004 Wigan (Jul) (Aug), 


Wigan 52/3 Rochdale (Golden Jubilee) (grubby) £3, 59/60 Leigh (sof) £1, Oldham (sof) £1.50, 60/1 Oldham, Oldham (LC), Salford (CC) (cr) £1, Wakefield, Widnes (cr) £1, 61/2 Blackpool B £2, Hunslet, Oldham (cr& tc, 1 illegible signature on cover) £2, Widnes, Wigan, 62/3 Featherstone, Warrington, 63/4 Blackpool B., Castleford, Featherstone, Hull KR, Wakefield, 65/6 Barrow, Blackpool, Castleford, Leigh,Salford, St. Helens (inc March insert), Warrington (Jan), Whitehaven, Whitehaven (Lancs Cup), Whitehaven (CC) 66/7 Huddersfield, Leigh, Oldham, Salford, St. Helens (score & t/c, spine split, numerous signatures on cover & back page) £2, Wakefield, 67/8 Barrow, Batley (Oct), Batley (Dec), Blackpool, Bradford N. (floodlight opening), Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Leigh, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford (Lancs Cup), St. Helens, Swinton, Warrington, Warrington (Ward Cup), Whitehaven, Widnes, Widnes (BBC), Workington,  68/9 Hull, Leigh, Leigh MW (CC) (t/c), Rochdale, Salford, Salford (P/O), St. Helens, Whitehaven, Widnes, Widnes (P/O) 69/70 Batley, Blackpool, Hull KR, Leeds, Leigh, Oldham (BBC), Rochdale, Salford (Lancs Cup), St. Helens, Warrington (BBC), Whitehaven, Whitehaven (P/O), Whitehaven (Lancs Cup), Widnes, 70/1 Barrow, Dewsbury (PO) (cr) (s/s), Huddersfield (BBC), Keighley (BBC), Oldham, Rochdale, Swinton, Wakefield, Widnes,71/2 Batley, Bramley (c/w Barrow), Castleford, Dewsbury, Halifax (F’lit), Huddersfield, Keighley(c/w Widnes), Leigh (F’lit), Oldham, Wakefield,  Widnes, 72/3 Dewsbury, Featherstone, Leeds, Leigh, Oldham, Rochdale, Wakefield, Workington (4/9), Workington, 73/4 Bramley, Castleford, Leigh, Oldham (BBC), Oldham, Rochdale, Wakefield, 74/5 Bramley, Dewsbury (CC), Warrington (CC), 75/6 Huddersfield, Oldham, Salford, St. Helens, Widnes (No. 6), Workington (Lancs Cup), 76/7 Leigh (Lancs Cup), St. Helens (Lancs Cup), St. Helens (CC), Warrington, 77/8 Bradford (CC), Bramley, Hull, Hull KR, Hunslet, Hunslet (JPT), Leeds, Whitehaven (Lancs Cup), Widnes, 78/9 Barrow, Bradford, Castleford, Featherstone, Halifax (CC), Hull KR, Leigh, Rochdale, Rochdale (BBC), St. Helens, Swinton (BBC), Wakefield, Workington. 79/80 Blackpool, Bradford, Castleford, Hull, Hull KR, Hull KR (CC), Hunslet, Leeds, Leigh, Salford, St. Helens, Wakefield, Warrington (Locker Cup), Warrington, Widnes, Workington, 80/1 Batley, Blackpool, Bramley, Dewsbury, Fulham (£2), Huddersfield, Hunslet, Huyton, Keighley, Rochdale, Rochdale (LC), Swinton, Whitehaven, York, 81/2 Barrow, Bradford, Castleford, Featherstone, Fulham, Hull, Hull KR, Leeds, Leigh, St. Helens (Dec p/p) (Apr new issue), Wakefield, Warrington, Warrington (Locker Cup), Whitehaven, 82/3 Barrow, Bradford, Cardiff (CC), Carlisle, Castleford, Castleford (CC), Featherstone, Fulham (Lancs Cup), Halifax, Hull, Leeds, Leigh, Oldham, Salford (Lancs Cup), St. Helens, St. Helens (JPT), Warrington, Warrington (Locker Cup), Workington, 83/4 Bradford, Bramley (CC), Castleford, Featherstone, Fulham, Hull, Hull KR, Leeds, Leigh, Oldham (p/p. inc supp), Oldham (CC), Salford (JPS), Salford, St. Helens, Wakefield, Warrington, Whitehaven, York (JPS), 84/5 Barrow, Batley (CC), Bradford, Castleford, Featherstone, Halifax, Huddersfield (JPS), Hull, Hull (P/O), Hull KR, Hunslet, Leeds, Leigh, Oldham, St. Helens, Warrington, Warrington (Locker Cup), Widnes (Lancs Cup), Workington. 85/6 Bradford, Castleford (Lge) Castleford (CC), Dewsbury, Featherstone, Fulham (Lancs Cup) Halifax, Hull, Hull KR (Jan), (Apr), Leeds, Mansfield (JPT), Oldham, Salford, Salford (Lancs Cup), St. Helens (Lge) St Helens, (CC) St. Helens, (Lancs Cup), Swinton, Warrington (Apr) (May), Widnes, York, 86/7 Barrow, Bradford, Castleford, Featherstone, Halifax, Hull, Hull KR, Leeds, Leeds (JPS), Leigh, Leigh (JPS), Oldham, Rochdale (Lancs Cup), Salford, St. Helens, Swinton (JPS), Wakefield, Warrington, Warrington (Locker Cup), Whitehaven (Lancs Cup), Widnes, Widnes (P/O), Workington, 87/8 Bradford, Bradford (CC), Castleford, Castleford (JPS), Halifax, Hull, Hull KR, Hunslet, Leeds, Leeds (CC), Leigh, Salford, (Lancs Cup), Salford, St. Helens, Sheffield (JPS), Swinton, Warrington, Warrington (P/O), Widnes,Widnes (CC), 88/89  Bradford, Castleford, Featherstone, Halifax, Hull, Hull KR, Hull KR (JPS), Leeds, Oldham, Rochdale, (Lancs Cup), Runcorn (JPS), Salford, St. Helens, St Helens (P/O), Wakefield, Warrington, Warrington (Locker Cup), Widnes, 89/90 Barrow, Bradford, Bradford (P/O), Castleford, Dewsbury (CC), Featherstone, Halifax (JPT), Hull, Leeds, Leeds (Regal), Leigh, Salford, St. Helens, Sheffield, Wakefield, Warrington, Warrington (P/O), Widnes (Regal), 90/1 Barrow (Lancs Cup), Bradford (Jan + Apr Insert) Bradford (CC), Bradford (Regal), Castleford, Featherstone, Featherstone (P/O), Hull, Hull KR, Keighley (Regal), Leeds, Oldham, Rochdale, St. Helens, Sheffield, Wakefield, Warrington, Warrington (Locker Cup), 91/2 Bradford, Castleford, Dewsbury (Regal Tr), Featherstone, Halifax, Hull, Hull KR, Keighley (Regal), Leigh (Lancs Cup), Salford, St. Helens, Swinton, Wakefield, Warrington (CC), Widnes, 92/3 Bradford, Carcassonne (Regal) £1.50, Castleford, Halifax, Hull, Hull (CC), Hull KR, Leeds, Leigh, St. Helens, St. Helens (CC), Salford, Sheffield, Wakefield, Warrington, Warrington (P/O), Warrington (Locker Cup), Widnes. 93/4 Bradford, Castleford, Featherstone, Featherstone (CC), Halifax, Hull, Hull KR, Leeds, Leigh, Oldham, St. Helens, St. Helens (P/O), Salford,  Sheffield, Wakefield, Wakefield (CC), Warrington, 94/5 Castleford, Doncaster, Featherstone, Halifax, Leeds, Oldham, Rochdale, (Regal Tr) Salford, St. Helens, St. Helens (Regal Tr) St. Helens (CC), Sheffield, Sheffield (P/O), Wakefield, Warrington (Locker Cup),  Warrington, 95/6 Bradford, Bramley (CC), Castleford, Halifax, Leeds, Leeds (Regal), London £2, Oldham, St. Helens, Sheffield, Warrington, Whitehaven (Regal), Workington, 1996 Bradford, Castleford, Halifax, London, Oldham, PSG £2, St. Helens, St. Helens (fr A4), Sheffield, Warrington, Workington, 1997 Bradford, Brisbane (WC), Canberra (WC), Canterbury (WC), Castleford (Fr) 50p, Castleford, Halifax, Leeds, London, Oldham, PSG, Salford, St. Helens (Fr),  St. Helens, Sheffield, Warrington, 1998 Bradford, Castleford, Halifax, Huddersfield, Leeds, London, St. Helens, St. Helens (CC), Salford, Sheffield, Warrington, 1999 Castleford, Castleford (P/O first game at JJB) £2.50, Gateshead £2.50, Halifax, Huddersfield, Hull, (P/O), Leeds, London, Salford, St. Helens, St. Helens (fr), St. Helens (last game at Central Park) £4, Sheffield, Wakefield, Warrington, 2000 Bradford, Castleford, Doncaster (CC), Halifax, Huddersfield, Hull, Leeds, Salford, St. Helens, St. Helens (fr), Warrington, 2001 Bradford, Castleford, Halifax, Huddersfield, Hull, Hull (P/O), Leeds, London, St. Helens (Apr) (Sep), St. Helens (P/O), Salford, Wakefield, Warrington (Mar), (Aug), 2002 Bradford, Castleford, Castleford (P/O), Halifax, Hull, Hull (CC), Leeds (May), (Sep), London, Salford, St. Helens (Jul) (Sept), Wakefield, Warrington, Widnes. 2003 Bradford (May), (Aug), Castleford, Halifax (May) (Aug), Halton Simms Cross (CC), Huddersfield, Hull (Jun) (Sept), London, St. Helens, Wakefield, Warrington, Warrington P/O, Widnes, 2004 Bradford, Castleford, Huddersfield, Hull, Leeds (Jun), (Sep), London, Salford, St. Helens (Jun) (Aug) St. Helens (P/O),  Wakefield (CC) Wakefield, Warrington (Apr) (Sept), Widnes, Widnes (CC) 2005 Bradford, Catalan (CC) £2.50, Huddersfield, Hull, Leigh, Leeds (Apr) (Sep), Leigh, London, St. Helens (Mar) (Sep), Salford (Feb) (Aug), Warrington, Whitehaven (CC), Widnes. 2006 Bradford, Catalan (Jun) (Aug), Harlequins, Huddersfield (Feb) (Aug), Hull, Leeds, Salford, St. Helens, Wakefield, Warrington (Mar) (Jun). 2007 Bradford, Harlequins, Harlequins (CC), Hull, Hull KR, (Mar) (May), Leeds, Salford, St. Helens (Apr) (Sep), Wakefield, Warrington. 2008 Bradford, Castleford, Catalan, Hull KR, SM Pia, Wakefield, Warrington, Whitehaven (CC),       


Workington 61/2 Wigan, 62/3 Wigan (Oct), Wigan (May), Wigan (LC), 63/4 Wigan, 64/5 Wigan, 65/6 Wigan (t/c), 66/7 Wigan (score inside) 67/8 Castleford (CC), Wigan (score inside), 71/2 Wakefield, Wigan, 73/4 Bradford, Huyton, 75/6 Barrow, 76/7 Wigan, 77/8 Wigan, 79/80 Salford, 81/2 Carlisle (1st Season) £1.50, 82/3 Wigan, 84/5 Rochdale (Lancs cup), Wigan, 85/6 Wigan (CC), 87/8 Springfield Boro’ (1st Season) £2, 90/1 Halifax, 92/3 Wigan (Regal), 94/5 Wigan, 95/6 Wigan, 1996 Wigan,      


York 60/1 Rochdale (cr) 50p* 61/2 Wakefield (lt cr) £1.50, 62/3 Salford, Wakefield, 63/4 Barrow (small ink mark on cover) £1, 65/6  Hull, 66/7 Bradford (t/c), 67/8 Bradford, Wakefield, 68/9 Dewsbury, Wakefield, 69/70 Wakefield, 73/4 Workington, 75/6 Bramley, 79/80 Blackpool, Bramley (CC), 80/1 Wigan, 81/2 Hull, Leeds (CC), 82/3 Wakefield, 84/5 Doncaster, 85/6 Bradford, Hull, Oldham, Wigan, 86/7 Doncaster, 88/9 Leeds (CC) (@ Bootham Cres), 89/90 – 90/1 See Ryedale – York 1998 Barrow,  2005 Featherstone, Sheffield, 2006 Hull KR (NR Cup).


County Games

Cumbria 74/75 Other Nationalities (@Whitehaven) (pinhole) £1.50

Lancashire 74/75 Yorkshire (@ Widnes) £2.

Yorkshire 71/72 Cumberland (@ Wakefield) £2. 75/76 Lancashire (B.A.R.L.A. @ Dewsbury) cr £1.




Other Ephemera

RLW Super League – club by club guide 2004, 2005, 2006 £1 Each

         Millennium Masters – RL Icons of 20th Century £1

RFL Conferenceof Club Coaches Feb 1983 £1.

La Semaine Catalan Dragons preview 2006 (French) £1.  

Rugby Revels  1961(?) No. 1 £3.

Bradford Northern – A pictorial Record 1974/75 £2.50

Rugby League in story & pictures (1950?) £5*